Thursday, January 7, 2010


ABOUT SPONSORS: Most schools require student organizations to have a faculty sponsor. When it comes to religious groups, the courts have expanded that potential sponsor group to include not only teachers, but other school staff such as secretaries and custodial staff. Pray that the Lord would lead you to a Christian staff member who would be willing to be associated with the group. Legally, they cannot direct the activities of the group or participate in the meetings. It is a small role, but necessary.

Before you fill out your formal request, you need to have a faculty sponsor. This can be a teacher, coach, janitor, secretary, or someone on your board. If you know that some adult at your school is a Christian, then ask that person to be your sponsor. If no one is a Christian, ask a faculty member who tolerates or encourages freedom of religion and religious beliefs.

Next, you'll need to write a formal letter to your principal and hand deliver it (and talk about it to your principal). Read more about that here:

LOCATION: Also, your sponsor sometimes determines the location of your meetings. If you have a teacher sponsor, then you will likely meet in that teacher's room.

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